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  • 18 March 2023
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long, long story that took an hour and a half….
new phone 10 days old….
dead…. no action on it at all….
call back and rather than send me a mailer envelope to send the dead phone
back and get a functional one….
he repeated 105 times….”use the volume control button”
told him at least 15 times that the screen and programmes are locked
and it does nothing….. I mean NOTHING>….|

I was told it would take him 5 days to be able to send a mailing address so
I can send the phone back…. then another 3 weeks for the order to be
processed then a week or so in the mail….
He, being named Walter, refused to connect me, in any way to Loyalty….
GONG SHOW>…… ABSOLUTE GONG show with lazy, uneducated people

3 replies

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I understand that you were frustrated but it was much better if you could explain the case in a proper sequence of events.

So your phone wasn't working and you asked someone to repair it? Which phone was it? And where did you get the phone? 

Also, if the rep followed proper repair procedure, nothing a loyalty or someone higher level could do.

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So, since your phone is only 10days old and stop working, you requested to return it. 

The rep then told you that it could take up to five days for the return mailer to reach you.. And it could be another 3weeks to do whole process - you send back the phone > they received it and confirm > then place you order (another phone or same type of phone).   Then shipping also could take up to a week.

I believe the rep was just explaining how this return process works and the time it would take. And mailing/shipping are not under the their control.

What phone did you get? 


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Did you purchase the phone online, or in-store?

Did you purchase a certified pre-owned phone?

If ordered online, customers are advised to contact the webstore by email at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com to initiate the return process.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the phone, if ordered online. If purchased in-store, you have 15 days from the date of purchase to return the phone. Some retailers may have a slightly different return policy.

The rep is not wrong in explaining the return procedure. The webstore would have given a similar response and would have saved you some time.