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Hello, I require a signed letter from a Koodo representitive

Hello, I'm attempting to apply for a credit card however, after trying koodo's services for 1 day, I moved back to my previous carrier as my phone at the time was incompatable. I was charged about $60. A few months passed and, as of the 9th, I paid my debt. Now I've been told by my bank that I need a signed letter from Koodo stating that I paid my debt. How would I go about obtaining such a letter? I tried calling koodo customer support but they wish to charge me more to even speak to an agent. I don't mind paying for the letter however, if the charges could be avoided, I'd much rather avoid them.

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Why would your bank need that letter? I don't think there is such a thing anyways. Just show them your last bill.
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Hi there... There is no fee to call Customer Service, so feel free to speak to them, expose your case and for sure there is a solution for you...

As far as getting a letter, Koodo does not issue letters for this matter, but if it is a mistake, for sure it will be fixed and your credit amended... It will take some days, but can be done...