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Hello, I need some advice please :-)

Hello, can I add a second phone number to my existing phone?

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Hey Sara,
You'd have to visit your closest Koodo Location to see if a 2nd line can be added then go
from there.
You can call customer service and ask them!
Just *611 from your mobile device or 1-866-995-6636

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Hello Sara 🙂

You should be able to add a second line to an existing account (Postpaid). However, please keep in mind that each phone/line will have a separate plan and phone number.

Hope this helps!
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Do you mean two lines on the same phone as your post implies or what people so far are assuming?
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If you want the phone just to respond to an additional number, you just have to arrange for calls to be forwarded from that number to your existing cell.

The second number can be a landline, another cell or even an internet number from a VoIP service.
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If so, you will need a dual Sim phone. Otherwise you are looking at call forwarding as Bob says, or a VoIP app. I happen to use Fongo for calls as a second line.