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Having trouble activating prepaid phone

I just tried to activate a prepaid phone. After I went through everything, at the last step it said that the activation failed. So I tried it again. When typing in my sim number, it said that it was invalid, but I was clearly typing in the right number.
I Don't know why it's not letting me get past this step. I've tried refreshing and typing in both my sim number and the IMEI number as well.

Also, I tried calling the 1-866 number. Is the other number free? Or will there be long distance charges?

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Make sure it's a prepaid SIM card. Koodo has separate SIMs for each service.
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You sure that it is a Prepaid SIM? You can call Customer Care and say that it's not working for you and they can assist you. Koodo Customer Care is free to call.
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Also make sure it's not a second hand SIM Card, once they are activated on one account they can't be transferred to another account.
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What happened when you tried calling the 1-866 number? Did it not work? 1-866-995-6636
same problem, not very impressed
and now, its closed for the night, like, i thought everything was 24hours these days, especially customer service