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Have not received an e-mail confirming my online purchase

I ordered a new phone from the online koodo store, and I have not received any sort of confirmation e-mail and/or tracking number. Is this standard for Koodo? I'm sure the purchase went through, because my tab has been updated to account for the purchase, my visa shows the purchase and I received a confirmation number on the screen following the purchase. I would really like to receive a receipt for my purchase, so how can I go about getting one?

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Same here. How long ago was it that you ordered it? It's supposed to take 24 to 48 hours. It's been eight days for me.
I ordered it on the 8th of January (6 days, 4 of which are business days)
I tried getting back on the page to see the confirmation code/tracking number but it keeps saying there's an error and it didn't go to my email either

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You should send an E-mail about your online ordering.
Use this Email address from this link.