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Happy Birthday

On your birthday Starting at 7:00 am.  You get free service which
includes: Unlimited outgoing calls
                Unlimited data usage
                Unlimited Text/picture/video messaging

And as an extra you get a phone call or video message from El Tabador himself, wishing you a happy birthday.

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Fantastic idea..but why stop there if their tab is almost paid in full why not just clear their tab and then they can get a new phone! Just a thought
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Telus used to offer free 'local' birthday calling a few years ago and they ended up scrapping it in 2012. The reason for the discontinuation was as follows: [i]"We've heard from our customers that free local birthday calling does not add value or enhancement to their experience with us. As a result, we've discontinued it so we can turn our focus to the things that matter most, like free data notifications, lower overseas rates, the tools you need to help you get the most out of your phone, and an improved repair experience. It's part of our journey to serve you better". Keep those ideas coming though!