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Half unlocked??

Hi. I bought a Samsung Evergreen from a Koodo kiosk and have been with Koodo for the last three years. I recently moved to California and signed up for AT&T. My phone background screen says AT&T, and I can access all of my AT&T plan's features, but my phone still shows the Koodo screen when I turn the phone on or off. Does this mean I am not completely unlocked or that I haven't completely cancelled my Koodo account? I got the unlock number and gave it to the AT&T guy but I don't know if he did anything with it... could this be the problem? Thanks!!

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The phone shows koodo when you power it on because you bought it from koodo. End of story, no deeper meaning.
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If you're able to use the phone on AT&T's network then it's unlocked & you're fine. The fact that you see Koodo's logos is because it's built into the phone. If it was from Fido & you unlocked it, the Fido logos would remain. If it was from AT&T used on Koodo's network, the AT&T logos would remain. They're built into the phone for the carrier it originally is ordered by & won't change regardless of the network you switch to.
Thanks so much for your help!