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I have a Moto G phone. How do I send a group text and save the group? I created a group but I can't figure out how to text to this group. If I add more than 1 phone number to a text, the message keeps saying sending....forever, and it doesn't go to anyone.

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Which phone are you using? If using an Android, I use an App called Sliding Messaging to have group chats. However, I need to add the people in individually, not as a group.
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Go to your text messaging screen compose a text message top line where you type in name and numbers type the first name in. ones complete select on that field again and type another name in then type your message it does take longer then usual to show sent but that's all it is one thing to keep in mind for group text, when they reply it will go to their individual thread not in the group thread. you might be better off with whatsapp, facebook messenger or BBM
It's a Moto G. I coach a soccer team and text 26 players. My old phone was great. I can't even forward the text to another player, I have to re-type 26 times and it's annoying me to no end. My old phone (slider) was great - thus the reason I didn't want to change....lol
I tried but it keeps saying "sending" and the recipients never receive the text. I'll try again. Maybe I'm not waiting long enough for it to go through.
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You can use the copy and paste function so you don't have to re-type the same text over and over again. And yeah, wait a little. Try sending a text to 2 people you know and see if it works. 26 texts may take a while to send...
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I bet it's trying to send the group text as a picture message. Try turning on your data and it will send. No Wifi is not the same thing. However, if you turn on data while on wifi there should be no unexpected Data charges and it will allow the text to send. Just remember to turn off data when you are done sending
Thanks Dennis.....it worked. I must remember to turn on data when sending 🙂
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Paula Devereaux wrote:

Thanks Dennis.....it worked. I must remember to turn on data when sending :-)

You're welcome. When the Moto G sends a group text it treats it like a picture message, which is why data needs to be enabled