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I've seen a few posts about being a bit more green when it comes to Sim cards and today i saw a video that I want Koodo to consider. This is beyond the normal of just allowing sim cards to never expire and allow them to be reused on the same account (prepaid sim currently can only be activated once) that part is not my idea and actually, none of this is my idea. In addition, instead of selling individual sized cards (std, micro, nano) I'd love to see koodo ship the sim includd in this video (and include the puk code as shown) A brave new Ting SIM | Ting: http://youtu.be/ulkJTzY0fKU Talk about green, this sim can easily move between your users devices without them needing to buy new sims when their next device requires a different sim. Think of the savings because your customers dont have to visit a kiosk to buy anothet sim. Wasting a sales reps time to help the customer migrate. Just seems like a good idea to me.

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The PUK code idea is great. Way too many people seem to lock their phones around here. I don't follow the rest of the your idea based on the video though. They don't talk about a "green SIM" just that they are able to get phones that are intended on for GSM or I guess HSPA. CDMA is a dying breed of network even if it's superior. Maybe you are saying that the sim is adjustable comes with a built in adapter?
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Instead of having multiple sim sizes, this company ships one sim and the customer uses the one he or she needs. In the future if the customer gets a device that uses a different sim, instead of needing to buy a new sim in the propper size, the customer can retrofit the original adapter to suit.
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Chad Burr wrote:

Instead of having multiple sim sizes, this company ships one sim and the customer uses the one h...

This has been the case in Europe for a while now (and PUK codes printed on the accompanying card). Wind has had mini/micro SIM hybrids for a year (my mom's phone uses a mini SIM and I wanted to try my Lumia 635 on Wind before selling it and was able to pop out the micro SIM, use it, then put it back into the mini SIM for her phone.