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Graph for Days Left in Billing Cycle

On the mobile app, could you do a graphic for the days left in billing cycle that would appear right above the data used graph? Actually, a graph of days used would be a better representation. That would give a quick and easy way to compare the two, instead of trying to calculate what percentage of the billing cycle I've used, so I know how my usage rate is comparing with data remaining. Thanks!

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But it does tell you how many days you are in your billing cycle/have left unless you're saying something else
Yes, I see the days left number. I'd like a graphic representation - a bar graph like the data used graph - for the number of days I have used in the billing cycle. It would allow me to know at a glance if I am overusing my data, rather than having to think, "ok, I have 10 days left in my billing cycle. So that's about 2/3 gone. And I have used 75% of my data so I'd better slow down on my data useage." A graph would give me that at a glance. With the days used graph right above the data used graph I could see this at a glance. Just thinking it would make the app a lot more user friendly...