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Got nothing to do with a cellphone

I was wondering with a Tablet can you get calling apps and texting apps downloaded to your phone? You see I am thinking of not going for another cellphone if I can do texting and phone call apps onto the tablet. Like Viber, Textplus, Voxer and Skype and more. So is this possible?

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Don't expect a tablet to work. Koodo's systems are not set up for internet only devices.
That is not I was referring to. As I said above it is nothing to do with cellphones. It was a question I needed to ask because I was only wondering about.
yes its possible keep in mind you could only do that on wifi so the what do you do to make a call or send a text when your not on wifi??
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Actually if you just want to text and have some data on the go for tablet when you have no access to wi-fi, the best solution maybe prepaid. $15 will get you unlimited texting plus $20 for 500mb of data. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml
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Wi-Fi range is extremely limited. If you move out of range of Wi-Fi, the apps mentioned will not function. Unless the tablet has a place to insert a SIM card or advertises that it's a 3G/4G capable device, there's really no point in getting a data plan for the tablet, prepaid or otherwise.
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Yes this can be done and it can work over wifi or 3G on the tablet. You can also effectively get a phone number for the tablet if you know what you are doing. I found the call quality left room for improvement compared to a cell phone. And no, I don't hold the tablet to my ear as I use Bluetooth. This isn't really a Koodo question as Koodo does not sell tablet plans. Have you considered an iPhone and using FaceTime? It's an approximation although you can't call just anyone but it comes set up almost to of the box.
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Moonmack wrote:

Yes this can be done and it can work over wifi or 3G on the tablet. You can also effectively get...

Or an Android and use hangouts 😉
Moonmack wrote:

Yes this can be done and it can work over wifi or 3G on the tablet. You can also effectively get...

Yeah I am going to put a tablet to my ear........lol! (Being sarcastic) Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I was only wondering if I should stick with a cellphone or go for a tablet. But the reason why I was thinking of going for a tablet was just to use on the go. Just wanted to see if it would be possible to use that tablet for making calls. I know for sure you can do video calls from Skype on a tablet.
Imagine being stranded on a deserted road with your tablet with no coverage. Without a data plan on your tablet you're comparing apples to oranges as while tablets and cellphones offer similar functions in terms of applications the basic functionality of a smart phone or cell phone is.....well...phone coverage. While those "apps" are free to use on a tablet on wifi, where Canada offers great cell coverage nationwide, our wifi accessibility is lacking. Similar apps could be used on a laptop of desktop which you cant neccesarily haul around. As well, from what i understand each of those apps require a different access number or username which could be tough to manage.
I get what your saying, Joey. I just had to make sure before I buy.