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Google Maps and Data Roaming

I want to use google maps on my phone for a 2 day roadtrip (approximately 16 hours of driving total) Anyone know how much data roaming I'll need to buy? Should I forget it and just rent a GPS instead?

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You should look for offline driving alternatives instead! What phone do you have? Also, you can buy the smallest package. You know why? Because, you would just activate data for the time it is necessary to calculate the route then you'll close it. The directions will still be there, but you wouldn't use data all the time during your trip! I did Monteal > NY with the 5$/20Mb and I haven't went over. So it is possible to use as less as 20Mb! EDIT : Here are some of the best offline GPS http://www.phonearena.com/news/8-of-the-best-offline-GPS-maps-apps-for-Android_id59399
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I also recommend an offline app...MapFactor is one of the better ones (free) but you can get Navigon, iGO, TomTom if you plan to use it beyond this trip (I assume it's the case) - those are not free.
Cheers! Thanks for your replies!