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Google Calendar interpreted a text message and created an event

  • 28 August 2020
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This is not Koodo specific but my friend said she was texting (SMS) her friend about where and when they would meet. It was then added as an event (appointment ?) in Google Calendar which ended up surprising her and freaking her out. She doesn't want this behaviour. Can this be disabled?

I think I've heard of this sort of feature but I thought it happened with Gmail only. I'm quite certain she said it happened with a text.

I think she has a Samsung A71.


1 reply

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There should be a setting in the messaging or calendar app.  If there is not, then I would go into Settings?Applications and go into both the Calendar and Messaging apps and then go to Permissions.  Here you can see what opther apps the Calendar and messaging app  has permission to access.  just turn off the permission for each other and they 2 wont be able to access each other.