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When I click on a topic to read, it always starts me at the top, where I have to scroll down to find where I finished off reading last time. Can Koodo make it so when I go to a previously read topic, it will take me to the first unread post?

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The community doesn't really have a 'read/unread' feature or a way to differentiate what you have read and what you haven't. The closest thing would be sometimes browsers change hyperlinks to a different colour once you've clicked on it. Like google when you click a certain link (initially blue) and then look it up again, its purple instead of blue. I don't think Koodo could implement something like this anyways because its based off of what GetSatisfaction allows (the company used to host the community).
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I am sure that Koodo, and Get Satisfaction have the ability to add this to the site. The simplest forum websites have it, I don't see why it would be so hard.