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Give ability to report false/trolling topics.

Now, I know this may only be something happening for this month alone, but the amount of fake questions, multiple posts, and repeat questions this month has been just downright stupid. A look at the current recent questions feed shows topics such as "I WANT TO PAY MY BILL" and "I WANT TO PAY CASH" which are obvious troll attempts to garner cheap points for the contest. Please, add a report topic option somewhere, or if we have moderators here, I would love to see them actually moderate the community a bit better considering the current circumstances. Otherwise, everything else is great here, just that this issue has been bugging me for days and I felt it needed to be voiced.

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It's confirmed that it is coming, Damon 🙂 We will be able to report posts by the end of this month: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/a_way_to_report_threads_clearly_created_to_game_the_badgeville_system
Oh Jeez, thanks. I went in and posted blindly and didn't see that thread already going. VERY good news for sure