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Hi. I'm looking to buy my mom a phone for Mother's Day. I have an account and she does not. How can I go about buying a phone for her, having it shipped to me and setting up her account without her finding out before she opens it? Can I put it all in my name and then change it afterwards, or should I do it through a store? Thanks!

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Yeah what you'll need to do is activate it on your account. After it's on there for a set time (90 days I believe) you can do what's called a Transfer of Ownership and transfer it to an account in her name (pending a credit check). It's probably easier to do this stuff in store, but you can order it online for sure. The transfer of ownership can probably be done over the phone, but may require a trip to the store for the credit check to be ran.
Definately, just to add on to that topic there Jorden, what you can do is have it on your account and then you can go to a Koodo dealer or over the phone (charges may apply) and run a credit check. Everytime you run a credit check, it makes an account. Get the account number for the account you created and do a Transfer of Ownership to the new account you created under your mothers name. Good Luck 🙂