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Getting calls from 1-866-995-6636?

  • 15 December 2014
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Twice now in the past few days I've received a call supposedly from Koodo's customer-support number, 1-866-995-6636. I didn't answer and the caller didn't leave a voicemail either time. Has anyone else been receiving these calls lately? Apparently a year ago somebody was making calls pretending to be a Koodo representative, spoofing this phone number to trick people into revealing personal information: http://www.scamcallfighters.com/scam-call-18669956636-Someone-pretending-to-be-from-Koodo-Mobile-called-to-verify-account--Scammer-Call-5520.html I wonder if this is happening again. Surely if Koodo had something to say to me, they'd send me a text as usual---or at least leave a message... Simon

5 replies

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I have personal not received any calls lately. However I have received calls from Koodo from the past. Regardless, I would never give personal info out to a random caller. They could be offering free monthly plan. If they need personal info I would tell them I would call the Koodo 1800 number and get hold of them that way.
i have received a few of these calls in the past week. At first I did not answer as call display said United States and I figured it's telemarketers or scammers. Finally I did answer. The caller claimed to be from Koodo, was quite polite and seemed to know a lot about my account and usage. Then he offered to upgrade my plan for little extra cost and proceeded to ask for my PIN and to 'verify my address'. I figured why would Koodo want my PIN and why do they need any verification. I hung up as it sounded like a scam to get my info.
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I've had Koodo call be before to follow up on technical issues.

Just be aware that it's very easy to spoof caller ID
I've received 2 calls from them.

First on July 15th and today at 7pm.
They ring for 25 seconds and don't leave a voicemail
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This post is 3-4 years old. The OP absolutely will not be seeing this. If you have a question or someting to say, please do start a new thread instead of necroing old ones that predate the shift to you can only schedule callbacks to speak to a rep.