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Getting a new phone without the person whose name is on the bill

My phone plan is under my dad's name, but I am away in a different province at university. My phone has broken and I need to get a new one. I am wondering if he has to be present for me to get a new phone. Is there some way I could get him to give me permission to access the account without him there? Or should I have him buy the phone and send it to me? Thanks!

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You can buy a phone without your father being there. He needs to call koodo though and tell them that he authorizes you to have the same access to the account as he has. If you can have your named added to the account even better. Than got to a koodo shop with id and you can upgrade to a new phone.
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As long as your dad calls in and authorizes you as a holder, you are able to get a phone without him being present. However many reps may still be unaware of this as it was implemented recently so if they say otherwise, assure them by directing them here or etc. Having him buy the phone and sending it to you works too. Edit: too late
Thank you both! I will have him call.