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Getting a new phone. Can i sell me old one? How?

If I wanted to sell my phone to someone can I sell it the day I get a new one? Or do I have to wait for my last bill cycle? my phone is all paid off, with a positive tab.

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Just take out your sim and sell it anytime you want
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Remember to back up any thing you want to keep on that phone and do a factory reset to remove all personal information
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Be sure to mention to the buyer it's locked to Koodo. To get interest from more buyers, you should get it unlocked - either by Koodo or using a 3rd-party website such as CellUnlocker,net
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Of course you can sell it, simple. Just make sure do a factory reset of your data and information. IF it is an iphone make sure you log out of you apple ID or else the person you sell it to might have problems. Make sure you take your Sim card out as well as the SD card if there is one. 🙂
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John made a good point about unlocking, but that may not always be worth it. What is the exact phone that you wish to sell? I buy and sell quite a bit of used phones so I could give you more specific advice if I know the model of the phone.