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Get a feature like WhoCalled with Fido?

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I know this has been recommended in the past, but it's been years and I was wondering if Koodo would consider it now. WhoCalled is basically a feature where when you have no service, or your phone is off or you miss a call for whatever reason, the server automatically texts you about the attempted call and the time(s). This is very valuable for people like myself who have their phones off at night and work in areas where they don't have signal for an extended period of time. Let the service be available as a seperate add-on like Fido does so the people that need or want it can get it. I know quite a few people from Fido/Rogers who would love to have the service with Koodo if available.

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Sounds cool!
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I like this idea. easy to redial from the SMS
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Good idea. Wind has this as well.