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General notice of trendy tactless answers. Anyone else? Or no?

Has anyone else noticed some of the answers to posts make you look really stupid in the phrasing of your question? I could be wrong but it just seems like it. And in defense of my last question that was updated. I put lack of loyalty because that's what the rep told me who refused to add the number. So someone must have trained someone else wrong or something. That's the info I was given from your experts who represent your company.

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Can you provide a link to the answer you thought was trendy and tasteless?
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Are you referring to this post? http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/why_does_every_other_company_allow_online_ordering_of_the_iphones_but_koodo I don't think Zaphod intended to make you look stupid, he was just clarifying how the spending cap works. Sometimes answers are left quickly and as a result the intended tone is lost and it seems like the responder is being short. An unfortunate limitation of text-based communication.