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  • 2 November 2012
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I really think the "ask a question" box is quite confusing for some people. We see threads all the time here where people are leaving private contact information for personal issues that are then publicly visible, it really is a security issue. I understand that Koodo is trying to build this 'community' thing, but the reality is that this is simply a forum & message board, when the "post new thread" action is labeled as "ask a question", it obvious some people don't catch on. I also think this new ranking system/point structure thing isn't a fantastic idea either. You're given these points for posting, and you then get titles like "Braniac", "Prodigy", and so forth. However, the act of just posting doesn't necessarily mean you are a "braniac" or "prodigy" when it comes to general phone & network knowledge. Someone that comes on here everyday and posts about how much they love the El Tabador Mascot and throws in a few "lol" comments on some random threads will eventually get these "Brainiac" or "Genius" titles, when it's entirely possible they haven't actually demonstrated any elevated level of knowledge at all. From then on, whenever that person posts, people will notice the title and take their word for it, assuming this person must be correct because they're a "genius" afterall. Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Community Name - We Need Your Help topic.

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6 replies

While my knee jerk initially was "They are just titles" after thinking of a person who doesn't frequent forums often, they see someone with 5 stars and assume "Hey this person knows what they are talking about". When all their responses may be lol, wtf, omg type deals. The flip side is that it encourages people to post and become active in the forum, as humans we tend to be competitive beasts and seeing bigger numbers, or some form of recognition relative to our peers is always a great incentive to be a contributor. Getting badges/leveling up/etc are all a great incentive for people to try to be helpful and constructive. For the most part the users that post on this forum are super helpful, and if someone gives false info it tends to be corrected fairly quick by another person. In what I might add is the most civil i've ever seen people interact in any internet forum. Not buttering up Koodo here, but the general community that has found their way on here.
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Yeah I agree, I think the general idea is alright, but could be tweaked for clarity. Like the title names for example, "Brainiac" and "Genius" express that the poster has an elevated level of knowledge, which isn't always the case. Maybe change them to something more generic, that clearly shows someone is active frequently, but without giving the impression that they're a "genius", based solely on the amount of posts they have. Another idea would be to not award points at all based on the amount of posts or how frequently someone signs in. Instead, why not change that "good answer" star at the bottom of each comment to a "give kudos" star, and rank based on that. At least then you're ranking peoples activity based on how helpful their posts have been to others (it's about quality, not quantity), plus it ties into the whole branding of things. Seems pretty obvious to me....
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Regardless of all above comments, the main goal of this Community should be focussed and limited only in giving correct and precise answers to Kood Phone users to get their problem resolved quickly without waiting 30 minutes when they call Koodo to be told that they only need to powercycle their phone to let it work again. Incentive question is not really relevent, if posters are just trying to help their Community, why do you care about being BRAINIAC, GENIOUS or even "Sergei Eisenstein".Posters ask their question, answer if you know the answer, who cares if you are more knowlegeable than others, if your answer is wrong, another poster will correct you, just aknowledge your mistake,the original poster is smart enough to choose the correct answer.
The points system is obviously cool, but definitely agree that it can lead to some confusion regarding quality vs quanity. Mattjs, I really liked your idea of "Give Kudos" and I had a little "haha, Kudos, Koodo. I see what you did there!" moment. I think people should use the star more often, and that it should mean more! I haven't seen as many people replying with "lol" type comments, but I do see a lot of people repeating answers that have already been said just to get themselves some points!
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I don't really understand why people are so serious about the rank system. They are just a fun system so people can help out more. It also helps the Koodo Reps decide who will be the next Mobile Master because this shows if you are a frequent poster on this forum. But that's not it. If you are posting comments like "lol" or something that doesn't help, they won't count that in and know "Oh, so this person doesn't actually help". It's the quality of answers, not quantity. You can never get rid of those people who post stupid things so you'll just have to ignore them.
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I think everything is good the way it is but just get rid of the titles or make them not seen by others just the person getting that title. They don't go by just points so those don't matter but I think just give them an idea on who's active and then they look at quality of posts from those top ppl. I do believe strongly that the words "public forum" need to be in the title of this forum. They are changing the name in the future but the top choices still don't clarify that it is a public forum in my opinion and we will still see ppl posting private info. I suggested "KOODO COMMUNITY PUBLIC FORUM" which got shot down but it needs to be something along those lines because most of the ppl coming here to post questions believe they are talking to koodo reps and that's all, they probably have never posted anything to a forum seeing as they are not tech savy ppl. - KID ANDROID, ( Team.Android.Canada)