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galaxy s4 texting issue

I can't send nor receive text messages with my galaxy s4. First I was able to "send" texts msg but the ppl I sent them to never received them... I thought it was just a connection prob &figured it would get fixed on its own. .. I then installed whatsapp & it's worst because if the person I intend to text doesn't have the app I can't even message NOT that it ever worked in the first place. Can anyone he? Thanks

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I presume you can make/receive calls, pull battery/sim, delete unwanted messages try again
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If you tried sending or receiving a picture message without turning on data and it's still trying this can sometimes prevent other messages from being sent or received. Doing a battery & SIM Card pull like Mat suggested should help if this is the case but if it happens again make sure that you don't have a picture message still trying to be sent or received because your data connection wasn't on.