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Friend in Canada never receives my text messages

When i send text to a friend in British Columbia she never receives them! I Get them from her all the time and when i respond it shows the message sent but again she doesn't ever get it ! I will soon be traveling there and want to ensure that i can text my family at home in Ontario !

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Hi Ashley, Well I can tell you that that is definitely not normal behaviour, so we'll have to troubleshoot you 🙂 What phone do you have, and what plan? Mind you you might still have to call Koodo but perhaps the community here can sort your problem for you 🙂
I have an HTC one V and i have a Canada wide plan !?
Its a common problem depending on the carrier your friend is with in my experience. When you travel to BC you will not have an issue texting the people you are already texting. If this has been happening to you longer then a few days now i would call in to make them aware of the problem but also have your friend call their carrier as well (just to make awareness of the issue) even if you dont want to call e-mail koodo, this link will start the process for the e-mail if you wish https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/portlets/contactUs/ContactUs.portlet?wlp_version=9 As well if you have access to data and your friend as well, you can always communicate through a data based app and you will notice no delays or missed messages at all, unfortunately that is the only way i have over come the problem myself when it happens. Apps you can use are Kiki, hookt, fb messenger, Skype etc. Keep in mind they dont use your data when your on wifi. Hope this helps!