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  • 27 July 2019
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How can Freedom Mobile give the phones free with a 2 yr contract? .

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On their $75/month plan?
They offered because they can :)) $75x24=$1800. With that amount, they could give out certain phone if they want you. If you are happy with their network, you could give it a try.
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$75/month for 15 GB and iPhone XR
24 months $1800
iPhone XR from Apple costs $1029
$771 remaining for the monthly plan
$32.125/month for 15 GB

It looks cheap since you're used to seeing some of the most expensive wireless plans in the world, but it's not. Compare that with Australia's $40 40 GB.

It is Australia specifically so that they can't use the excuse "Canada is too sparsely populated."
Canada population density 4 people per sq km
Australia population density 3.2 people per sq km
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And that's assuming Freedom paid the same as retail. Then there's the other phone options, like the S9, S10e, A70, which would be significantly cheaper for Freedom.
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Yup and meanwhile Telus now has 36-month device financing talk about going in the opposite direction.
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As well companies often take hits to get more customers so this could be the case here as well.
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Let them. You can leave after 24 months without penalty.
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At least the future is friendly®️!