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"Free $50 bonus gift" - how to get it?

  • 31 January 2015
  • 2 replies

Signed up for a new Koodo phone, new customer. It says on the website about a $50 bonus.gift which will be sent 6-8 weeks from now. While in the store and buying the phone, I forgot to mention it, so I didn't fill out any paperwork or anything indicating this .gift". What to do to ensure eligibility and receiving of it? Thanks!

2 replies

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Hi Eric, First, just give it some time. However, if it doesn't come to you in the next week or so just give Customer Service a call. They will know when they are going to send the bonus.gift. 🙂
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The bonus.gifts vary by phone. Either way, if you were eligible for one, it should have been issued at point of sale. Go back to the kiosk and ask about it.