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Forgot the receipt.

I bought my phone back in June, 2013, and need to return it. I have a 1-year warranty, but I cannot find the receipt. Is there anything else I can show the desk to prove that I did buy it and need to return it?

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Are you still a koodo customer? Koodo should have a record. Give them a call as they wil help you facilitate a wwarranty claim.
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Where did you buy it from? Retailers who use RQ4 will easily be able to look up your info but I'm not so sure about Koodo shops or Future Shop/Best Buy. Tell them you'll provide ID to prove you bought it and they should be able to look up the transaction.
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I can't tell about Koodo, but shops should keep a record of their receipt. For me it was at Sports Experts. Needed to bring the CC which it was bought with + the date and the amount paud!