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foreign phones?

If I want to buy a lenovo phone, that is only sold in china, can I bring it to Koodo and be placed on a 30$ talk and text plan, as long as it supports the same frequencies? I think its 2100 in Candada.

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If the frequencies fit, you should be able to use it... though in truth, many Chinese phones only have the GSM frequencies and won't work with Koodo at all (they'll work with Rogers in a crippled way). You can try... but Koodo can't guarantee it will work 🙂
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Hey Jean! from previous experiences, most phones from forgein countries dont work with our network. if you can get the serial number before you purchase the phone you can check the phone compatiablity tool http://koodomobile.com/en/on/phonecompatibility.shtml
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You also have to make sure it is not locked to a specific carrier in addition to making sure the frequencies are right. Koodo has no restrictions on using phones not sold by them or from another comapny/country
Wow that was fast, thanks guys, thins helped a lot!