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filter silent voicemail

90% of my received voicemail is short and completely silent because callers didn't hang up quickly enough. it is very inconvenient to get notifications about absolutely nothing, then have to manually delete them. please filter these out and delete them on the server side

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I don't think the system is sophisticated enough to "detect" these and auto-delete them. It just records the persons message and ends when they hang up; it doesn't know the contents of the voicemail on its own.
that's exactly my point. the system is archaic and primitive. it needs to be updated
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Do you have an example of a voicemail system on a wireless carrier that offers this feature? If Koodo knows about it then maybe it will be researched as to its viability.
it doesn't matter if other carriers have a system like this. it is a simple feature for modern technology and I'm voicing my need for it