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  • 26 October 2020
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I just received a text giving me a passcode for EZECALL,  I didn’t sign up for this.  Is someone trying to hack my phone number?  How do I stop this

4 replies

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Ignore  the text message. Do not click on any link!

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I would never, but I have heard of phone numbers being hijacked and just freaked me out that it was happening.

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If you are concerned, check you self serve account for any signs of breach (change of email address, procurement) and check your phone (including spam) for any messages that require your confirmation for port out. I do not think that the text message has anything to do with illegal port out but it MAY have something to do with some data breach.


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Could be spam, or just someone who entered a wrong number. I wouldn’t get too panicky about this 🙂 Just, as already recommended, never answer a text message you haven’t requested and never click any links. Also, never give any personal information on the phone, not even your name… if the caller is genuine, they would know all that anyway.