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Extended warranty or insurance policy.

I know most carriers offer a device protection plan or an insurance policy that cover phones for physical or liquid damage etc. Since Koodo is starting to offer a lot more high-end devices, it would be nice if they could be covered under a similar sort of plan, either in monthly installments or as an upfront cost.

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They sell apple care, so if you have an iphone you can have it covered. Just out of curiosity what would you be willing to pay a month for something like this? Future Shop charged $10 a month 5 years ago maybe more now. The way I see my friends change phones it doesn't make sense for them as since they are covered by the manufacturers for the first year and they don't keep phones for longer than that. Insurance, maybe but there is always a deductible the questions the value of the thing.
With most of the insurance policies the customer ends up saving money on a phone even with the deductible. The cost would depend on the value: $10 wouldn't be a bad fee per month though I know there are good ones for less. And the manufacturer's warranty doesn't cover liquid or physical damage. Also, not everyone switches phones that often and those insurance policies make sense on expensive phones, which Koodo now have a lot more of. I'm sure Koodo's target market of price sensitive people stick with their phones for longer than the year, considering that they take much longer to pay off when you have a cheaper plan.
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Keep in mind a lot of the ones the carriers have not only have the monthly fee but a deductible as well. Telus is $7 a month with a $150 fee for the high end phones. If you had it for two years before getting the replacement you'ld have paid $168 in fees plus the $150 for the phone. Sure $320 (rounded) is cheaper than $600 for the phone, but you are still getting a phone that is two years old at that point. Obviously it benefits you more if you use it earlier in the plan, but if you compare it to Koodo (you can only dig yourself a $150 hole) you're paying more than you would in the long run to just use the tab.
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Hey Ollistopheles, I'm happy to announce that thanks to your idea you can now purchase extended warranty on new activations and upgrades. We realized that with our lineup of high-end phones that people like you would want to protect their phones. You can check out the full details: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/extendedwarranty.shtml I hope this gives you a bit more peace of mind. Thanks again for you idea!
Hello, I have seen the extended warranty list of coverage. It's better than nothing, but all other carriers also covered the lost and stolen phone in it. Some areas of countries have highest risk of stolen phones, it would be great if koodo also start this service. Thanks
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Rather than post your idea here, on subject closed 2 years ago, you should create a new Idea Post. It's a great Idea that will peak some interests, in a new Idea post