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"!!?! expletives ??!" YOU

  • 12 November 2020
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I seriously have not been receiving phone calls since signing up. It’s also IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK TO SOMEONE! I used to vouch for this company. Having serious qualms right now. How can we connect, WHEN I CAN”T USE MY PHONE!!!!?????

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1 reply

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I don’t see an account matching the email you used here, and the account I did find matching your name was closed many many moons ago.

It might sound silly, but if you know for sure your line/account is active (i.e. not deactivated/suspended for any reason), have you tried turning your phone off and back on? Often times that’ll do the trick.

If that doesn’t work, can you send us a private message through Facebook or Twitter please? An agent will be able to authenticate you as the account owner and help troubleshoot what might be causing this. For immediate assistance, you can also use koodo.com/chat, and our virtual assistant can also help troubleshoot and fi need be,  help schedule a callback with a rep - your preference. 

Have a fantastic day, and stay classy! :smile: