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Exchanging phones

I share a plan with my wife, but I'm the primary account holder. Her phone is acting up and may need to be replaced but I am currently overseas. She tells me that my signature is necessary for her to exchange her phone, is there anything I can do to waive this requirement for her. It is critical that she has a functional phone.

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Hmmm, you might be able to put a note on your file by calling Koodo. Not 100% sure that'll work, but in your situation they might make an exception.
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Hi there... Only the account holder will be able to upgrade/activate a phone in the store, they need 2 pieces of ID from you in order to change that phone... As John said, since you are overseas, you may actually try to call the store where your wife plans to go to see if they are able to do something on this case, you don't lose anything by trying...