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Exceeding Data

I once (accidentally) went over on my data and was automatically given an extra amount. I think it should be optional if you want that extra data. If you chose not to have anymore your data usage should be cut off.

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Let's say you're in an urgent situation and you need that data. Being cut off would make you suggest the opposite thing no? There are lots of apps to monitor your data + you can register for alerts on Koodo's self serve!
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That's a great idea! Make an option that would allow data to be blocked once your reach the amount included in your plan
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Maybe there could be a text message way of letting you go over your data amount. So you would have the option to stop using data once you reach your cap but if you wanted to pay for the overage you could text a message and that would give you the next allowance of data. That way you're not stuck.
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PC Mobile has this feature. You can disable both voice and data overages so a customer can only call within their unlimited evenings/weekends zone if they're not on an Unlimited voice plan and data caps entirely, but the overage stacks can easily be enabled again if you need it.
Set your data usage limit. Under mobile data in settings. There is a warning and a cut off option on most phones
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Kim Clarke wrote:

Set your data usage limit. Under mobile data in settings. There is a warning and a cut off op...

That can work, but someone can simply enable data again. We're suggesting it be cutoff at the account level; something that is possible but not with how Koodo's systems work yet.
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Doesn't koodo already send you notifications as you approach the data amount in your plan? I think they send 2-3 text messages to let you know. Then just turn off data on your phone. That way you are always in control turning it back on if need be.
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A provider I was with in Europe would only let you access a specific webpage when you reached your data limit. This page allowed you to choose what to do (e.g. purchase an additional data block). I think Koodo should do the same.