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Every day Texts hang on sending

  • 30 January 2021
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Every day for the last bunch of months (can't remember exactly the start), both my wife and myself have our texts messages hang on "sending". It happens daily, sometimes multiple times in a day and lasts about 2-5 mins before actually sending texts. The recievers often times get duplicate messages from us or get all the queued messages at once.


Example: I text my brother with "hey bro". The text will state "sending" (I've tried multiple apps, multiple phones, multiple SIM cards and multiple recipients on different network providers) for 2-5 mins. But am hour later, texts go through normally. Then later in the evening texts will go back to some form of 'buffering' or whatever is happening.


It doesn't happen at any one location, but everywhere we go in Victoria or the surrounding area. I've had the same happen when I visit Nanaimo too. (Can't test texting on mainland due to COVID restrictions).


All phone calls work without issue. Only texts do this. I've tried everything I can think of. I thought it might have something to do with network upgrades (5G coming to Victoria in greater strength for Telus maybe?) But I have no idea what's the cause (and yes I know Koodo doesn't have access to the Telus 5G yet- just that Telus is continually upgrading to meet future need).


Any help is appreciated. It's very frustrating and we just don't want to have to put up with it anymore. We've been with Koodo for a long time with a couple different accounts since it's inception and prior to this texting issue, never had issues with service. We've lived at this residence for 4 years and got at least 3 years of phenomenal service.


Thank you for reading,



Best answer by Goran 30 January 2021, 14:56

The next thing I'd suggest is to swap Sim cards with someone else to see if the problem follows.

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Do you have other friends or family with Koodo that also has this happening?

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Someone mentioned that they could fix the issue by clearing the cache of the message app in the phone https://www.businessinsider.com/why-wont-my-text-messages-send-on-my-android

I would suggest you  test and see if it can help.

Hey Dennis,


None of my family report the same issue. Note: my mother who uses Koodo (but lives in Nanaimo - 1.5 hours from me) does not encounter this issue. I do have this issue, even when texting from Nanaimo.


Hey Dinh,


Did not help unfortunately.


Thank you both,


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The next thing I'd suggest is to swap Sim cards with someone else to see if the problem follows.

Hey Goran and everyone reading.


I chatted into Koodo just prior to Gorans second response (thank you for continuing to suggest helpful methods). The Koodo rep reset the network settings on their end and now our phones seem to be texting much, much faster. I believe this issue is now resolved.


Thank you Florin @Koodo for the help and to you folks for replying.