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EPP Phone Return policy

So I Recently worked at koodo any they gave me a 400 discount to choose a phone with for as an epp phone with a plan as well but unfortunately due to private reasons i had to quit. I understand if the plan is cancelled or changed, but do I have to return the phone itself? even though it was purchased through the register as a coupon discount? what is the rule on it.

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I don't think so. If it was a couponed discount and you have no remaining Tab I don't see why you would need to return them, and even then, as long as you settled the Tab, I don't think they'd mind either way.
Well the epp plan is set up so that we dont have a tab balance it's a 400 dollar discount on any phone. because as employees we're not allowed to have a tab balance. so I don't have to give it back it seems, and also, will they contact me to see if i want to continue on service with a month to month or will they just suspend the account?