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Encourage BYOD customers to stick around long-term

A big reason for people to bring-your-own-device is the ability to switch carriers at will since their phone is unlocked. The monthly 10% discount Koodo offers is a good upfront incentive, but other carriers offer something very similar. So a good enough promotion on the part of someone else could attract BYOD customers to switch. Here's an idea for how Koodo can encourage its BYOD customers to stick around long-term (these numbers are for example only; obviously Koodo's bean counters would have to work out what's doable): after one year, make the monthly BYOD discount 11%, then bump it up 1% each year to a cap of 15% after 5 years as long as the customer sticks with Koodo.

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I actually think the BYOD discount should be higher right away. For example, let's say someone wants to get the $35 plan and they have their own phone. So they qualify for the BYOD discount. That makes a savings of $3.50 a month ($84 over 2 years) and the plan becomes $31.50. Or... they could just get a $0 phone with it, like a Moto G or a Lumia 635, and continue to use their original one (if they like it more). Koodo's contribution is already 15%, so that's now $5.25/month... and with the CRTC rules making sure it's done in 24 months, it'll go up to $6.25. That's ALMOST DOUBLE the discount someone gets from bringing their own phone. If they sell the phone for more than $84, they could then just pay off the Tab through Self Serve, call in for their BYOD discount, and voila. Then there's another variable: retailers. Best Buy/Future Shop and The Mobile Shop usually have.gift card promotions/sales on random phones on certain carriers all year round, so you could end up getting additional money to spend at their respective stores just by taking a phone that you might not even use, bringing the incentive to BYOD even lower. The BYOD discount needs to be AT LEAST 15%, maybe even 20, to make up for the fact that you're actually better off taking a $0 phone and reselling it...