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Emails fail to send

why does some emails fail to send? I use hotmail, my wife uses rogers, we both are having numerous failed to send messages. Is something wrong with both of our phones?

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Hi Mark, Well that's a bit hard to troubleshoot really 🙂 What phone do you have, what app are you using, what plan (you indicate your wife is on "Rogers" but I assume you are on Koodo?), and when do your mails fail to be sent (on data, WiFi?) Let us know so we can help - hopefully 🙂
Hi Sophia Frusterating! LOL. Samsung II, use the email app. We both have the Koodo plan, but her email is from Rogers. The WIFI is when they fail. We get the error message the user name or password is incorrect. It doesn't happen on every email, therefore that is obviously not the issue. I don't get them using my company email account. Tried deleting email accounts and then reinstalling them. Yikes - any ideas? Other than this issue, phone is great. Koodo is great, wish they were around years ago!
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Haha yes! When things go wrong is really frustrating but what is TERRIBLY bad is when things go intermittently wrong - that is almost impossible to solve! 😃 But at least I understand a bit better what you meant 🙂 However *blush* I must admit I have no idea how to solve your problem... I don't use Hotmail or Rogers mail or even the default Android mail app... I'm hoping someone else will be able to help you 🙂
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Hey Mark! You should give a call to our techs. Please dial 1-866-995-6636 (option #6) from a landline in order to have your available for a complete troubleshooting. I hope they’ll be able to find a solution with your email issue. Thanks. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.