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Email address messaging question

When I send a message to my Galaxy Ace 2 thru the email address koodo suggested, via cellnumber@msg.koodomobile.com , I don't get the message, I get an alert telling me to download it, which it wont let me anyway... My previous service had no problems with this, and as a first responder I use this for backup for pages and to have the addresses in front of me instead of just listening by my radio. Today I was able to realize my dispatcher paged me but unable to get any info, nor do I have the time to spend for the extra step to begin with... any ideas ? As it stands Ill have to go back to the 'other' guys if I cant sort this out...

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using the (number)@msg.koodomobile.com sends the message as an MMS message, which requires data to receive. try using (number)@msg.telus.com, that should work as a standard sms message.
it worked, many thanks