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El Tabador Tag Team Fund

El Tabador Tag Team Fund - is a wonderful opportunity for El Tabador to give back to society. This of course would have to be in partnership with the koodo customer family. Every Koodo customer would have the opportunity to tag team with El Tabador in battling world hunger, poverty, and diseases of all types. There are countless charities in Canada and around the world focused on making miracles happen. However, El Tabador cannot wrestle alone. Tag Team with El Tabador by paying your bill on time each month and 2% from each billing cycle will go towards fighting world hunger, poverty, disease and much more. At the end of each year you will be given the total of monies you and El tabador helped contribute to the success of Hope and Freedom. Together as partners you'll make a positive impact on the world... After all, as important and loved as koodo customers are... We can't only think about ourselves. For the Koodo Management... This can boost not only potential and current customers interests. But also, greater respect from society and larger tax receipts.

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Maybe Koodo should set up a Marketing Board. There are a lot of new ideas involving El Tabador.