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Early upgrade to iPhone as a gift - can we activate phone later?

My daughter currently has a Motorola Moto G 3rd generation and we want to upgrade her to an iPhone for Christmas as a surprise. Can we get the new phone now and activate it at Xmas?

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Hi Nancy, You can purchase the phone through the tab. However, the primary account holder is there and if your daughter logs into the self serve app, there is a chance she can see the purchase. Do note that there is only a 15 day return policy on the phones, so if it's not the right color or model, you wouldn't be able to return it through Koodo.
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Ummmm.... I'm guessing your.gift would not include saddling your daughter with a TAB cost, so you would be buying the phone outright. If so, you can buy the phone independent of a plan if you wish, and she can simply activate the nano-SIM which comes with the iPhone in self-serve. Her plan would then be attached to the new phone.