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Dropped again!

My phone is constantly dropping calls. Samsung Galaxy, 2 yrs old. I have to make the call 5 or 6 times before it goes through. Jeez...hate to be in an emergency situation. Any ideas why?

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It could be two things 1. The antennae in your phone has diminished in quality over the two years from normal wear and tear or 2. The service area you're in has a weak signal. If your phone is 2 years old, it might be time for an upgrade! This could ultimately solve the issue at hand, as newer devices have stronger antennas to allow it to grab a signal from further away.
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[b]Is this limited to particular location? Bars on the phone are just barely decorations. Download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cls.networkwidget or something similar. Gives fairly instanteneous readings for voice and data in dB units. As long as you show less than 100 -dBm, you should be able to communicate. If you can send yourself a text and receive it promptly, then the network connection is working. Even in areas that have good coverage, it’s not uncommon to have dead zones. Stay away from large metallic objects such as wrought iron railings and open any metallic window blinds. Had a local problem with trees galore at home in a rural area and was able to find a “hot spot” where everything works. There are sister apps that will do the same for WiFi coverage as well. [b]Two year old phone may be due for a new battery Download a Battery Drainer app from Google Play. Just about any one will do for your purposes. Charge to 100%, run the drainer and see if you get sudden death at some point. If so, your battery is probably kaput and not supplying enough juice to keep the radio happy.
Hmmm...I pretty much just use the phone in the car. You, know, the large metal object on wheels. Could that be the problem?
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Car should not normally be an issue unless signal is already very weak outside. Otherwise our roads would be clogged with folks on their way to retuning their cell phones... ONLY If at any single location signal is strong outside the car, but weak inside according to a decent signal meter, you can buy a Wilson auto signal booster or similar --- about $100 US. The cheap sticky things are a scam.