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my download usage was over 400mb. i am not sure what happened there. my
daily usage is about 15mb. is it possible to get that reduced. i have
30mb left until i go over and have 15 days left to end of billing period. i called customer service and the lady told me it was impossible to do this and they had no tools for this. HELP please

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Unfortunately, no there isnt. Once the data is used, you get billed for it. An app or a few apps could have done an update while on Data and not wifi which is usually the culprit for overages. You just have to watch it. If you have a SYNC button in your toggle menu, turn sync OFF before you leave the house and no updates will happen. Sorry this happened!
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Also go into Google play and under settings make sure that apps are not set to update automatically and then you can just manually update apps and games when on wifi to save your data.
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Another possibility is inadvertently leaving data enabled after sending a picture message. If using an Android device, one method is to install a data toggle widget on the homescreen of the phone, which instantly shows whether data is enabled/disabled. Works on Android versions 4.4.3 and below. Not sure if iPhone has a similar widget. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.data.enabler&hl=en