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download messages received in new voicemail system

Hello Koodo.

Several weeks ago you transferred me to the new voice mail system and I downloaded my old saved messages. Now I want to save messages that I've received in the new voicemail system so I can keep them permanently. For example, I want to keep the message my little granddaughter sent yesterday as she is just learning to talk.

It is frustrating that messages need to be resaved every week so they don't expire and even more frustrating now that you have such a small limit on saved messages that my mailbox is always full even though there are only 5 save messages.

In summary, I want to download messages left for me today in the new voicemail system.


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Maybe koodo should consider an option to pay for more voicemail space.
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there Is alot of software out there these days that can help you . but they can be complicated.

One is called IVM Answering Assistant. You call your voicemail from the system on your PC, and it allows you to save what it hears. Then that file is saved to your PC. Here is a link that can help you. Scroll down until you find an option that works for you.


This literally took me 2 seconds to google. So spend some time on google and find a solution that works best for you, Sometimes asking someone else (Koodo) to do it for us is the easiest way, but it doesnt always mean its going to be the quickest.

A simple but harder solution is, if you have a laptop(it will have a mic) or a PC with a microphone, Play your saved voicemail on SPEAKERPHONE, and save it to your VOICE RECORDER app on your pC best of luck to ya!
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Chadwick wrote:

there Is alot of software out there these days that can help you . but they can be complicated.

Hey this is great. I didn't know this existed. Good google!