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Don't know how to use my Galaxy Ace phone.

My cell is a mystery to me. Don't know how to use it except for emergency phone calls. How can I access data and learn how to text, and are these included in the price I pay each month? Thank you.

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Hi Emdee, My first advice is and I'm not joking... don't be frightened if it, you phone can't explode 🙂 Just start pushing buttons and have fun with it. You said emergency phone calls only, do you mean you can't call anything but 911? In that case, you might be best off to ask the store to see if your Koodo account is properly configured on it. Make sure you learn how to connect to WiFi to avoid data charges, this is important! The next step, AFTER you have done both those things, is set up an account on your phone (it will walk you through that) and explore an app called "Play Store", anything that is free and looks useful you can download and play with... and delete if you don't like it after all. There, that should get you going at least to the point of your new phone being useful 😃 PS what plan are you on, one of the newer ones (this year)? In that case, texting is more than likely included but data might not be!
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Yeah, new technology can be difficult at first, your best bet would be Koodo's Youtube channel you can get videos showing you how to do things rather than having to decypher written instructions. http://www.youtube.com/koodo
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Same as with a computer Emdee, and as Sophia suggested, don't be afraid of it. You won't break it in any way simply by trying things. If all comes to worst, a quick factory reset will take it back to like it was the day it came out of the box! Also, your grandchildren will probably be more than happy to share what they know with you 🙂 You'd be surprised the amount of knowledge they have about these gadgets!
Figure how to answer the phone. Have someone show you how to text...cheaper and faster than talking to someone. Turn data off in your cell...
I couldn't figure out the Galaxy ace either. My Motorola I can use..it us the cell...not you