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Does Koodo supports Mi 6 phone ?

I have come to know Xioami Mi 6 phone lacks of some LTE bands (http://www.gizchina.com/2017/04/19/xiaomi-mi-6-full-specifications-supported-4g-lte-bands/ )

My question is: Will Mi 6 phone  be fully functional with Koodo or not ?

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Koodo uses Band 4 for LTE. The link you provided suggests the phone does not support Band 4.
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Yes it will. It'll do 3G/HSPA no problem. Xiaomi phones usually at least have 2600nhz for lte so you should be able to get lte-a where available. Alternatively you could wait a little (if you care to) to get a global version with expanded lte bands, which is what I did with my xiaomi phone but up to you. It'll still work fine.