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Does Koodo ever think about creating a nice party as a fundraiser?

I appreciate Koodo and the good people who work for them. In fact I wonder if Koodo has ever considered sponsoring an event that lasts the better part of the day for everyone (rated E), promoted weeks or months in advance, with games and music and food. Families and children would be welcome, as well as well behaved adults. LOL

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Where would we hold this party? 🙂 Maybe we could have a hockeyville like contest? :-) 


Our 10 year anniversary is coming up next year, so don't hesitate to put some ideas forward. 
Ha! I can tell you're in playoffs mode. I imagine Koodo holding a large party in a large park, preferably attended with tickets provided or purchased in advance. But not just one party, because just one party would be packed and very wild. No, Koodo serves all of Canada, so events should spring up across Canada, wherever there is demand. I suggest affordable tickets (maybe $15 for adults / $10 for ages 12 to 18 and $5 for younger children). I would also suggest it should be no more crowded than a well oiled corporate picnic, unless you really want a big crowd. Alcohol should be carefully controlled if available at all. The emphasis should be on crafts, clowns, face painting and games for everyone, as well as lots of delicious food available at cost. Activities can include throwing balls at a target connected to a dunking chair (usually for charity). Koodo should probably hire a team of professional recreational activity people to lead. Come to think of it, It's possible to connect with university students who study recreational therapy and hire a really good team from a young, enthusiastic pool. I could go on and on, but you get the idea