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Does anyone know how to reset the phone. It won't let me send pictures again or download ones sent to me

Can't send pictures or download ones sent to me. I forget how to fix that.

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Is your data toggle switched to the on position(usually in your pulldown status bar) or you can go into settings>mobile data>turn it on., If it is in the on position, make sure you don't have a full data block on your account. You can check that in self serve. Data toggle has to be on to accept and send picture/video messaging but it doesn't charge you data to do so. Although running apps may incur data charges while its on to send or receive the pictures.

As for resetting, it depends on the phone, If its an IPhone, Hold the power button and home button for 30 seconds or until apple Logo shows up. If its a phone with a removable battery. Do a battery pull and then reboot it. If it has a non removable battery. Hold the power button for 30 seconds. Also, you could always back it up and do a restore to factory settings but that's usually a last ditch effort kinda thing .

An easy way to find out how to work on your phone is to type the model number into youtube and it should get you somewhere. If you could reply back with your model number someone on the forum here can help you reset/restore your device.
thx 🙂