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Do you need data if you are using your MotoG in an area w/ free WIFI?

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When you use wifi your data connection takes a back seat for as long as you're connected. You can also turn your data off from Koodo and just use wifi of you want but by doing so you won't be able to send traditional picture messages as you need network data for that.
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No you don't even need to have service from a carrier at all to use wifi on an Android device, just set up wifi and away you go. Keep in mind that on alot of public wifi connections you have to connect in the phones settings menu, then open a browser on the phone and accept the terms on the page that will automatically pop up when opening the browser. Some places will have this page with a simple click to agree to the terms of using their free wifi and some will ask for a password or even a login name and password depending on how the place supplying the free wifi has it set up.