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do i need a data plan to use GPS , as in a automobile GPS

I just loaded Strava on my Nexus 4. It looks like a great GPS system for cycling and walking. Do I need a data plan to use this? I though my phone had a GPS reciever. I have blocked my data plan and only use Wifi. I was told that this app does not need data, but won't seem to work.

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I am not familiar with Strava, but if it allows you to download maps, you shouldn't need to use data at all. GPS doesn't use data 🙂 I use TomTom and CoPilot and they both use offline navigation too.
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Seeing the map requires data (or wifi). However the GPS portion still works to track your ride. http://forums.roadbikereview.com/general-cycling-discussion/strava-without-data-plan-possible-290790.html Post #8: "I used an iphone without data plan with endomondo. it would track the route, but you couldnt see where you were, just a blue dot on a grey, grid back ground. as soon as you have internet connection it would display the map."
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Not sure about Strava (I haven't tried using it without a Data connection), however, I use TomTom on an old Android device without a SIM pretty much as a dedicated GPS device & it works great! Only thing I needed to do with TomTom was make sure to have the map data downloaded to the device.